In Green Child Magazine: Reduce Your Family’s Body Burden

Here’s the beginning of an article I wrote for Green Child Magazine. This is a lovely publication full of helpful articles, eco-crafts, eco-friendly product reviews and news. I’m happy to be a part of it!

What chemicals are lurking deep in your body? Sure, you eat organic food, limit processed foods, and try to buy more natural body care products. But have you ever wondered what your toxic chemical load, or body burden is? Do you shudder to think about all the food you ate and the products you used in the 80s and 90s? I sure do.

It was much safer to simply wonder about this.

I had to do it. Really. I’d been writing about toxins in everyday products such as baby lotion, antibacterial soap, sunscreen, and in our food, water and air intensively for 3 years on my blog, Non-Toxic Kids. When a friend from the Vermont Public Interest Research Group asked me if she could forward my name to participate in a body burden study, I thought, I have to do this.

It was time to put my body where my mouth is, so to speak. The study was a long process involving a chunk of hair, a urine sample, and lots (lots!) of blood. In the end, I learned that lifestyle alone can’t protect us from chemical exposures, but certain changes can help.

Here’s how to reduce your family’s chemical body burden:

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