BPA News (toddler behavior, Campbell’s Soup Petition)

BPA is back in the news (not that it ever really left).  As if we need another reason for it to be banned, and for us to avoid it in our food, food storage and water bottles.

If you weren’t convinced by the numerous studies indicating that the endocrine disrupting chemical BPA causes early puberty in girls, and increases in heart disease, certain cancers, and reproductive system disorders, along with interference with breast cancer treatment, maybe this latest study will sway you. 
Just last week a new study came out linking BPA exposure during pregnancy to certain negative behavior in toddler girls. According to the study, in Medscape,

“New research suggests an association between gestational exposure to the widely used industrial chemical BPA and increased anxious, depressive, and hyperactive behaviors at age 3 years, particularly in girls.”

Study authors are cautious to say that more studies are needed to determine if these behaviors are in the clinical range, and if the results can be replicated.  The same study authors had reported an increase in aggressive and hyperactive behavior of 2 year old girls.  The study was supported by the National Institutes of Health and published in the Journal of Pediatrics.  
Of course, there are detractors, including Henry Miller, who reports in Forbes that the study authors didn’t control for other factors. I’m not sure about that– why would the study appear in Pediatrics, be funded by the National Institutes of Health, and led by doctors from the Harvard School of Public Health if they were not valid and based on sound science?  
In any case, even if the research is preliminary, shouldn’t we react in a precautionary way, using the “do the least harm” mindset? We have ample data pointing to the healthy problems with this chemical. Why is it still used when exposing millions of children to harmful health conditions and problems?
Last week I also heard of this petition from Healthy Child, Healthy World and Change.org to Campbell’s soup asking them to remove BPA from their cans.  Campbell’s expressly markets many canned food items for children: Spaghettios, (oh, how I loved these), Disney Princess Noodles, and Chicken Alphabet Soup.  
I’m signing it– the sooner we can get BPA out of mainstream, popular brands widely fed to kids, the sooner we can reduce exposures for thousands and thousands of kids.  Please join me!
How can you avoid BPA in food, feeding and drinking gear? You can learn how in my new ebook Eat Non-Toxic: a manual for busy parents. Also, this post from The Breast Cancer Fund lists the top 10 canned foods to avoid.  Momsrising also has a great post about how to avoid BPA in the grocery store with lots of informative links. 
image: The Breast Cancer Fund
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