Holiday Waste Reduction Tips

(Here’s some great holiday waste reduction tips from The Central Vermont Solid Waste District. I particularly like the idea of wrapping presents in old maps. I never thought of this and have way too many old maps in my classroom.)

With the holidays upon us, we offer the following waste reduction and recycling information for the two topics District staff receive many questions about: wrapping paper and Christmas trees.

Wrapping Paper, Tissue Paper and Trees

Americans use 25% more paper between Thanksgiving and January 1 than any other time of the year. Here are some tips to limit your resource use, from the CVSWMD’s online Residential A-Z Guide to Waste Reduction and Resource Handling.

*Reuse wrapping paper (and ribbon) over and over.

*When its useful life is through, some can be recycled with mixed paper. All wrapping paper EXCEPT metallic and foil varieties is accepted with other paper. Please make sure all ribbons, bows and other package ties are removed before recycling. If you receive curbside pickup, contact your hauler to make sure they will accept it.

*Use other wrapping ideas instead of wrapping paper for gifts. Old maps, children’s artwork, and cloth bags make nice wrappings, for instance.

*If you really want to use new wrapping paper, seek out recycled content papers. Just one of the likely many places you can find it:
*When you are ready to get the tree out of the house, seek out local recycling and composting options.

image:   by litlnemo on Flickr under Creative Commons

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  1. Mike's Vent Cle December 23, 2010 at 4:46 am #

    Thanks for all the ideas.the kids should also be made to aware through family activities that the need of the hour is to save the earth.Gift green gifts and reduce waste as much as possible.

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