TV Watching Causes High Blood Pressure in Children (Yet Another Reason to Limit TV!)

As if you needed another reason to limit your child’s intake of television, here one is.

Apparently, when measured with other sedentary activities such as using the computer and playing video games, television caused higher blood pressure in children. We know all sedentary activities increase obesity and poor health. But now high blood pressure?

Yep, add it to the list, according to Time magazine.

‘Researchers in the U.S. and Spain collaborated on the study of 111 children ages 3 to 8 and found that of all the forms of inactivity they examined, television-viewing was the worst. It was linked to significantly higher blood pressure in children — the more TV kids watched, the higher their blood pressure — and the effect held true regardless of whether a child was heavy or at a healthy weight. What’s more, other sedentary behaviors, like using a computer, were not associated with similar blood-pressure hikes, according to the study, which was published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.’

Add to that everyone is more likely to polish off a pint of ice cream or a bag of chips while watching the tube, and you have a really bad deal.

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