Music Review: Mary Kaye- Music Box

You’ve got to love a children’s CD that starts with such a catchy song, you can have it in your head all day, and it isn’t annoying. Far from it!

Just the first line or two of Under the Moon will have you humming or singing right along with your kids. When you figure out that the song is about a party of creatures, and that the sweet melody Mary Kaye is singing is actually the animal sounds, it is hard to not act like the animals themselves. That is what my two daughters and I did almost right away when we heard this song. Our own little interpretive dance of sorts, to Under the Moon.

That is just the beginning to this lyrical, sweet and catchy CD by Mary Kaye. Readers of this blog know how I feel about mainstream, canned, tinny, and cheesy kid’s music. If I am going to listen to it, it better not drive me crazy, and it must have layers of sound, a strong vocal and meaning.

Mary Kaye’s Music Box fits the bill. She has a deep and lovely voice and children can understand what she is saying (singing). Her lyrics are rich, magical and meaningful, tapping into what children know, love and imagine.

I knew I was on to a good thing when my daughter listened to “Bug” and immediately we played “Bug”. My 4 year old acted out the song, right away, in full detail, after listening to it. And since the song takes multiple viewpoints, there are lessons there. Lessons in empathy, in perspective, and in life. All in a song about a Bug (who knew?).

We are also big fans of the Hot Chocolate Fairy in our house, since we can imagine her visiting from the first snow in October, through the holidays and into April (our prolonged Vermont winter).

My personal favorite is Family, where Mary uses charming metaphors to describe her family, including clothing drying on the line, “You are the purple socks, I’m the shorts with polka dots, and you’re the tie-dyed tee. And we get dirty and we get clean. And we are drying on the clothesline, dancing in the breeze.” This song makes me smile.

Thanks to Mary Kaye for sending this wonderful CD to our family. On our recent long car ride the girls asked to listen to it, and I was happy to put it on. A moment of parenting Zen to be cherished (since much of the journey was far from it). Check out Mary Kaye’s Music Box, and I bet your kids will be acting out the magical scenes and lyrics in this CD just as soon as they listen to it!

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