Cherrybrook Kitchen: Nut Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan Cakes, Icing and Cookies

It sounds like the beginning of a joke: take a nut allergic child, a child with celiac, and a vegan child, and what do you get?

The perfect storm. Three kids, three very different needs.

Seriously, though, it is possible to please children with multiple nutiritonal challenges. We had a small birthday party for my daughter, who is severely allergic to nuts. She invited her buddy who has celaic disease, and another one who is a vegan. Unless you knew about Cherrybrook Kitchen, you might be quaking with fear at the thought of how to make a cake that would be safe for all of them.

But Cherrybrook Kitchen makes a line of Nut Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan cake mixes, icing, and cookie mixes. For my girl, I made the Gluten Free Dreams chocolate cake. It was moist and delicious, and a certain crowd pleaser for the preschool set. They didn’t know anything about what was missing. The ingredient list is short, with all items listed being actual food items, not chemicals with long names.

So, if you are planning a party for your child, and you have guests coming with one or all of the challenges listed above, try Cherrybrook Kitchen products.

8 Responses to Cherrybrook Kitchen: Nut Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan Cakes, Icing and Cookies

  1. Our Family Is His May 12, 2009 at 5:37 pm #

    I would like to chime in here. We bought this icing about 2 months ago. My son wanted cake! He needed cake. The poor kid was cake deprived. I couldn't figure out how to meet all his dietary needs with icing and thought I would have to convince him that cake no longer included icing. Then I found Cherrybrook's icing. I figured it would be horrendous, but we bought a tub of it. Hello!!! It was not horrible at all, it was good. It was creamy, easy to spread, had a yummy smell, and a sweet flavor. My son ate it up, as did my husband. We are now Cherrybrook fans.

  2. grumpymomma May 13, 2009 at 3:28 am #

    My son has an egg allergy and was deprived of cake on his first birthday as a result. Someone recommended Cherrybrook to me, so I made the chocolate cake for the family one night. Even my picky DH, who can spot an altered version of cake (his favorite food) a mile away, was impressed. I absolutely recommend this brand.

  3. melissa May 13, 2009 at 8:59 am #

    oh man, i needed this last week for my daughter's bday! i made yogurt frosting. i bought full fat plain yogurt and placed it in a coffee filter, in a sieve, over a bowl and let it drain overnight (in the fridge). the longer you let it drain the thicker it gets. the result is what is called yogurt cheese. it has a cream cheese consistency and you can use it for a host of things including dips. you can use low-fat or fat free yogurt make it "frosting" i mixed in some vanilla and some fruit puree. it was really really can see her cake here

  4. Ainsley May 13, 2009 at 12:58 pm #

    I discovered Cherrybrook Kitchen products about 2 years ago and LOVE their frosting mixes. My son is allergic to soy, dairy, gluten, nuts and we can still use this. And it tastes so delicious that I actually got my hubby to admit that my son's cupcakes were good.=)

  5. Anonymous May 13, 2009 at 4:37 pm #

    We LOVE the icing, too!

  6. Dr.Rutledge May 14, 2009 at 2:58 pm #

    Hi Katy,The kids look adoreable. Thanks for sharing this post.I'm a physician and former faculty member at Harvard and Stanford Medical Schools. I discovered your blog while looking for the best health writers on the web. I reviewed your posts, and think your writing would be a great addition to the Parenting Community on Wellsphere, a top 5 health website that has nearly 5 million visitors monthly. If you would like to learn more about how you can join our Health Blogger Network, republish your blog posts and be featured on the Wellsphere platform, just drop me an email at,Geoff

  7. Anonymous May 15, 2009 at 7:46 pm #

    Grumpymomma, You did not have to deprive your son of cake because of egg allergy. My granddaughter is allergic and we used egg replacer to bake cakes, breads, etc. It is a powder and you mix it with water and use it instead of eggs in a recipe. Works well and it is sold in most supermarkets.

  8. Katy Farber May 18, 2009 at 6:39 pm #

    Hey, commenters!Thanks for chiming in. I'm impressed about the "yogurt cheese" frosting, and I will definitely try the Cherrybrook Farm icing, too. Thanks for the invite, Geoff, and your kind thoughts about the blog. I'll look into it. I was in the Wellsphere Top 100 so I have been listed at your site, I just don't post there. Thanks again everyone.

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