Sippy Cup Mania!

You know you love them. They prevent spills, make car travel easier, and are a great for playdates, daycare and outings. But regular sippy cups have a dark side (other than the moldy milk blob growing in the forgotten sippy cup under your car seat.)

Many mainstream sippy cups are made from a type of plastic that leeches a hormone disruptor called Bisphenol A (BPA) into the liquid. According to Frederick vom Saal, a developmental biologist at the University of Missouri, and whose work is published by the National Institute of Environmental Science, BPA acts like birth control pills (yes, you read that right). He explains that the human body is extremely sensitive to sex hormones, so that very small amounts can have a huge impact. Studies have shown that BPA can cause hyperactivity, damage to the brain, early puberty, disruption in reproductive cycles, and increases in fat formation.

This is enough to make anyone ditch the sippy cups, and fast. So what to do next?

Non Toxic Kids recommends: Buy one of the alternatives. There are several choices now on the market of sippy cups that are not made from plastic that has BPA, or are not made of plastic at all.

Mama tested:

Sigg Water Bottles: These aluminum water bottles come with a variety of choices for the spout, with very kid friendly designs. They are super durable but a bit pricey at about $14.95-20.00. My toddler handles the larger one well, and can flip the top and drink from it easily. I just pray I don’t loose it (or that she hides it somewhere). These are available at many online and regional retailers (I found mind at a local sports store).

Born Free Drinking Cups: As of this post I have my brand new born free cups to try with my 7 month old. I will share later how this cup is holding up! They are plastic sippy cups made without harmful BPA. These run between $10-12 each.

Other Choices:

Kleen Kanteen: A stainless steel water bottle that you can attach a BPA free sippy spout (made by Advent) to.

Foogo Thermos: Another stainless steel cup, but this one can also act like a thermos (ah, hence the name) keeping warm liquids warm and cool liquids cool.

Advent makes a normal looking plastic sippy cup that is made without BPA.

More Information:

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