Come on, Costco!


We love that Costco pays its workers a more livable wage. We also love that we can often find natural and organic brands at the store, buy in bulk, and yes, grab a random shirt or book that was clearly NOT on the list while we are at it.

So while other retailers like Target and Walmart have announced new policies about how to reduce the toxic chemicals on their stores shelves, we have yet to hear from Costco. It’s time to Mind the Store.

Please join me in emailing Costco CEO about this important issue. See the details below from our friends at Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families.

We’re talking about chemicals like cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting flame retardants, some of which show up in toddlers at five times the rate of their mothers. It’s been demonstrated these chemicals are not needed for fire safety and pose a health risk to children and firefighters – who have a higher cancer risk because of the toxic cocktail to which they’re regularly exposed.

And while Costco has made some improvements in selling some flame retardant-free furniture, they lag behind other retailers and manufacturers like Ashley Furniture, Macy’s and Pier One Imports in publicly committing to require their suppliers to phase them out of furniture completely.

Tell Costco: Commit to a plan to get toxic chemicals off store shelves

Given their enormous purchasing power, there really is no excuse for Costco to not use that power to require their suppliers to eliminate harmful chemicals, starting with toxic flame retardants.

We look forward to reviewing Costco’s plan soon!

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