BPA replacement? BPS, just as bad


BPA free! It must be safe! Not so fast—

A new study out this week confirms what we have been reporting here for a LONG while. We simply can’t trust any BPA replacements, especially BPS, which new research is saying acts just like its shunned and banned counterpart, BPA.

BPS is showing similar endocrine disrupting effects, according to author Nancy Wayne, a reproductive endocrinologist and a professor of physiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

According the study recently published in published recently in the journal Endocrinology:

“BPS seemed to be acting as an endocrine disrupter, just as BPA did. Endocrine disrupters cause harm by mimicking, blocking or otherwise interfering with the naturally occurring chemical hormones of the body.”

And in that sneaky way that many chemicals do, it doesn’t represent a clear and present danger, but:

“many in her field are concerned that these chemicals could be tied to a whole host of human issues: Cancers of the reproductive organs, premature births, early puberty and genital malformation, just to name a few.”

With that list, I am listening. While the study is not on humans, but on zebrafish embryos, clearly more research needs to be done. But that doesn’t mean we should wait to act– while more kids are exposed to a chemical cocktail that could harm them. We need a precautionary principle in our country that acts in the risk of harm. The public health is more important than the bottom line and we need a chemical policy that reflects that and emerging research on endocrine disruption.

In the meantime, Non-Toxic Kids recommends using glass and stainless steel instead of plastic as much as possible.

What do you think? Do you have BPA free plastic kicking around your house?

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