Non-Toxic Kids Gift Guide Roundup

IMG_1814We here at Non-Toxic Kids hope you had a restful and happy Thanksgiving. The #optoutside and #buynothing movements have been inspiring. We’re interested in gifts of time, handmade kid crafts, and gifts of meaning around here. That said, many folks are starting to think about safer toys and gifts for families. Here is a roundup of the best non-toxic gift guides out so far.

  1. Our friends at Women’s Voices for the Earth have three gift guides just released. One for womenone for men and one for kids. These feature eco-friendly, safe and creative gift ideas from fellow green bloggers such as Paige Wolf, Micaela Preston, and beloved companies such as Earth Mama, Angel Baby. These guides are a great place to start.
  2. Wanting to provide creative, experiential free play environments? Creative free play is linked to better academic performance, increased problem solving skills and less stress. See my article for Women’s Voices for the Earth from last year’s guide here for gift ideas to promote creative play.
  3. Mothering Magazine’s gift guide. This guide is loaded with beautiful wood and cloth toys, instruments, and dolls. The pictures are large and the write ups are thorough. This one is a keeper! Send the grandparents to this guide.
  4. Looking for DIY upcycled gift ideas? I love this new one by Treehugger. We like to make stuffed animal and ornaments by hand from left over cloth. The terrarium is a beautiful idea, too.
  5. Of course, I’ve done my fair share of gift guides! I have 8 years worth of gift guides of safer, non-toxic toys, gift ideas, books, music and more. You can find the Non-Toxic Kids Gift Guides here.
  6. Here’s a new gift guide we are loving. It is from the MightyGirl website– a site that features books, clothing, and reviews that supports strong girls and women. It’s called the Girl Empowerment Gift Guide. What’s not to love about that?

What’s your favorite gift guide this year? Or your favorite go to gift? We’d love to hear in the comments.

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