Book review: Treasure Town by Doug Wilhelm

treasure town

Have a new reader at your house? Someone itching to read a chapter book but still developing the skills to do so? My fellow Vermonter and author Doug Wilhelm and his sister Sarah have answer for you.

Treasure Town is delightful story about curious kids, silly explorers, and missing treasure.  My two daughters loved the maps, illustrations, unique vocabulary in the glossary, and humor in this book. The text is lively and engaging alone– without the incredible illustrations.

This fills a much needed gap for kids who want to read chapter books but are still early readers. If you have a reluctant reader this book is sure to hook them in. The book also helps build confidence in young readers– they will be so proud to have read this chapter book. We read it aloud– and my girls are 8 and 10. Reading it aloud was its own fun– I used different voices and the silly expressions were perfect for expressive reading.

I also liked how the author addressed gender bias and featured female pirates at the end of the book. I for one am so tired of all the male pirate stories and the women as the reward or walking the plank. Doug featured the story of a real life female pirate and her bravery.

And teachers! Here is a Common Core linked curriculum guide for second and third grade. You’ll find a summary, a Q and Q with the author and illustrator, and suggested activities.

What books do you like for early readers?

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