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Order of the Trees Cover final.

Less than one month (gulp!) until the publication of my first middle level novel, The Order of the Trees,  with Green Writer’s Press! This is an eco-adventure novel that is set in the Vermont woods.  Here’s what our school librarian, Lynne Woodard,  had to say about it!

“Katy Farber’s new book The Order of the Trees is such a lovely piece of work that it’s hard to know what aspect to sing the praises of in this short space! Farber has honed a style of writing that will totally engage upper elementary and middle schoolers, a skill no doubt fed by her years of experience with this age group. She has crafted excellent characterizations of adolescents on the cusp of self-realization.

One particularly fine example is that of Phillip, the young man who plays one of the two central roles in the story. He is introduced in this way: “He sat behind thick glasses, with his matted hair combed behind his ears. He was pale, and sat with his head between his hands ”…. “Not many people actually spoke to him. He had just moved to the Chester school, and didn’t have any friends. He and his mom moved around quite a bit.”

Cedar, the wonderful wood sprite character, becomes Phillip’s friend, and together they make this story. Cedar is a strong and admirable character, and because of her friendship, Philip grows beyond his poor self-perception into a brave and honorable young man. How he does this shows the depth of Farber’s understanding of the particular pain, depth, and resourcefulness of young people who feel that they are outsiders.

What a wonderful book this is for inspiring rich discussion on topics including friendship, bullying, environmental issues, parent/child relationships, loyalty and courage! Please read The Order of the Trees and share!”

I have one advance reader copy I am giving away on Goodreads. It will be autographed and sent to you BEFORE the publication date for your enjoyment.

I have several events coming up in May in support of this release– you can find more information over at

Please enter this giveaway and connect with me on Goodreads so we can share recommendation for books. Happy reading!

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