Women’s Voices for the Earth Non-Toxic Gift Guide

2014-Shopping-Guide-CoverDid you see the 2014 Women’s Voices for the Earth Non-Toxic Gift Guide? It came out a few weeks ago and is loaded with fantastic gift ideas for personal care products, for your partner, the the home, for the kitchen, eco-clothing, baby products, toys, fitness, DIY gifts, and book picks. Almost any category you may need a gift for!

I was lucky enough to be asked to create the non-toxic toy guide. You’ll find my list included in the PDF. Here are a few of my ideas, see the guide for them all! I selected these picks based on their ability to promote creative play, develop skills, for being safe, and for being simply FUN. Included in my section are also tips for selecting safer, non-toxic and eco-friendly toys. Using the guide is a great way to make sure your gifts are safe, non-toxic and it supports the excellent work of Women’s Voices for the Earth.

1. CitiBlocs, or Keva Planks
These are simple wooden planks for creative building of all types; no plastic or commercially themed characters. They foster creativity and spatial reasoning and will biodegrade someday—unlike Legos!

2. Marble Runs
I recommend buying a marble run made out of wood with tunnels and tracks to avoid the environmental and health problems associated with plastic. Children can learn basic engineering, physics, and spatial skills.

3. Yoga for Your Brain
Totally Tangled Cards is a card set that features various repeating patterns and designs for drawing. Created to be
relaxing and fun, this is a great activity when kids need to relax or take a break from something.

4. Sleeping Queens
What a simple and fun card game! Created by a 7-yearold girl, this game develops memory and early math skills; a great gift for kids ages 5 and above.

See the rest of the guide here!

I’m excited to try the DIY gifts and to explore the gifts for him. What are your favorite creative, non-toxic and green gifts this year?

*buying gifts from these links supports the writing on this site. Thank you!

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