Top 6 Back to School Posts

Twas the night before school, and all is quiet in the house. Not a creature was stirring– except this parent and teacher. It is like the quiet before an impending storm. Lunches! Backpacks! Times tables! They are off for another year. Here are 10 of our top back to school posts that will (hopeful) ease the transition for your little learner.

Remember, parents, take care of yourself too! Those little ones will be tired. You will be tired. Everyone will need a bit of adjustment time and a whole lot of patience. I know I certainly will!

1. Green and Health Back to School: This post features tips for a healthy and green back to school including lunches, a toxin-free classroom environment, and a new way to fundraise that is green, positive, and healthy.

2. The One Letter to Read Before Sending Your Child to School: Now this is simply beautiful. You can use it as inspiration to write your own letter, to guide a conversation, or use it entirely!

3. How to pack a Healthy and Non-Toxic Lunch for School: Great tips for lessening your child’s impact and exposure to toxic chemicals in food storage products.

4.  6 Things Teachers Want Parents to Know (but may not tell them):  Here are some tips about partnering with teachers for a healthy, happy and learning filled year.

5. Tips for Reducing Exposure to Toxins at School: Here’s a post from our friends at Women’s Voices for the Earth with ideas for how to lessen exposure to toxic chemicals at school and how to partner with the school to make improvements.

6.  Best Non-Toxic Waterbottles for School: In this post I break down the benefits and drawbacks of different kids of waterbottles for kids and their use in schools.

What’s your favorite tip for a healthy, happy and green new school year? Wishing you and yours a smooth transition.

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