4 Ways to Have a Healthy, Safe, and Green Thanksgiving

Here are my top posts about how to have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving this year.  You’ll find ideas for vegetarian feasts, crafts with the kids, and how to dwell in gratitude with your family. Please share your tips in the comments as well!

1. 6 Ways to Have a Green, Healthy, Mindful and Happy Thanksgiving. How to avoid BPA, tips for a non-toxic pregnancy during this season, how to plan a tasty vegetarian Thanksgiving meal.

2.  How to Take in the Good this Holiday. With a sweet and simple thankful craft that all of your guests can do easily with great meaning.

3. Planning a Vegetarian Feast! You’ll find one of my favorite fancy meat-free recipes in this post.

4. 6 Reasons to Avoid Factory Farmed Turkey.  Top reasons for public and personal health, environment, animal welfare to buy a locally raised, humanely raised bird– or go vegetarian instead!

5. And yesterday’s post– a challenge to go can free this Thanksgiving! Join the no can challenge and find recipes for whole foods that are healthier for your family.

Please join us tonight for #EcoTipTue with MomsRising and Hannah of Wild Mint to discuss how to have a toxin free Thanksgiving on Twitter at 9pm ET! Just follow the hashtag #EcoTipTue to join in.

Please add your questions or ideas in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

Image by  thisreidwrites on Flickr under CC

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