Artterro Art Kits at MightyNest: Creative, Eco-Friendly Fun (and giveaway!)

I’m a bit picky about art kits for my kids.

Most come with many little plastic bags and little plastic parts that spread all over the house like confetti. Then they get vacuumed up or thrown out by my husband as he attempts to pull the house in some sort of order (usually only if we have people coming over!). 

There are very few art kits that are truly eco-friendly and that promote full on creativity. Thankfully, my friends at MightyNest sent me a couple of Artterro kits to test out. I should say, for my research team to try out.

Both kits came in recyclable cardboard, with non-toxic inks on the packaging. Inside was only one plastic bag with some materials in it. And the art materials are handmade, gorgeous papers, wool, and thread. Everything here is usable and high quality, and could be used for other projects. 

The Art Dolls Kit was perfect for my 5 year old to test. It says 6+, but she was a-okay with doing all of the designing, cutting, and gluing. I helped her with some of the hand sewn elements. Essentially, this kit has more than you need to create 4 funky and creative dolls. She worked on these over the course of a snow day, for about 3 hours (I kid you not).

Just take a look.  

Next was the Book Making kit. This kit came with enough material for my 8 year old to create 4 beautiful books to fill in with art or stories. The paper is incredible. She had lots of choices as she designed each book. We gave her some help with stitching the books together at the seem.  This was engaging, fun and promoted literacy. 

The packaging for both can become a frame for the work, or be recycled. The directions are suggestions– not simply directions, but encouragement. There are great pictures of different kinds of designs to inspire your little artists too.
(see the whole post for the giveaway!)

These kits are a wonderful birthday gift. No plastic, no waste,  no commercial characters, just art and homemade fun. 

And you can win one! Just enter below and good luck. The giveaway starts at 9 am EST and runs for one week.

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