Top 12 Visited Posts of 2012

It’s list making time! Yes, all the big media outlets are sharing their best of lists for 2012, so why can’t little ole’ Non-Toxic Kids do the same?

Here are the top 12 most visited posts of 2012. 
1. The Pink Washing Big 4 (avoid these ingridents to fight cancer)

A good list of what to avoid and how we are duped by big companies slapping pink ribbons on products with cancer causing ingredients. 

2.  Non-Toxic Kids Gift Guide 2012

Eco-friendly and creative gift guide for parents. 

3. Protect Women, Prevent Breast Cancer 

A personal plea for removing chemicals from our products and food to protect women and families.

4. 5 Ways to Avoid Spreading and Absorbing BPA (bisphenol A)

Tips for how to reduce exposure to BPA.
My beloved local cheese maker got in trouble for accepting milk with hormones but saying they weren’t. Deep sigh. Now consumers have to look at each bar to find out if it has rBGH or not. 
Ick! Most gardening gear is made of vinyl, a toxic plastic that often contains lead. 
Love wet wool felting! A tutorial for the crafting challenged. 
A run down of the most offensive greenwashing for Earth Day. 
This post has 4 times the amount of visits has my other popular posts. This shows that parents are worried about chemicals in everyday products and are looking for safer car seats. Companies, take notice!  Also, there is great information about car seats and chemicals in the comments. 
Ideas for getting more vegetables in your kidlets! Who doesn’t want that?
11. California Baby Reformulation Trouble: In the age of social media, don’t make moms mad
Seriously, this is PR 101 for how to lose customers. It is a 21 century cautionary tale. 
Helpful ideas for how to reduce the EMFs in your home. Included is a link to a wireless phone that emits less radiation than most wireless phones. 
What was your favorite post? Happy end of 2012! Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy new year. 

image: by Ludie Cochrane on Flickr under CC

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