Protect Women, Prevent Breast Cancer

This is my friend Kristen and I, walking with our daughters. I miss her so much.  

“This disease is real, it is about people that you love.”

That is the first sentence in a video about the Breast Cancer Fund’s work to prevent breast cancer. For me, this sentence couldn’t be more true.
Since August we have been reeling from the loss of our dear friend, Kristen, who died of breast cancer at the age of 42, leaving behind her seven year old daughter, and our friend, her husband.  Kristen was the best of all of us– she was a loving mom, a caring friend, an hiker and athlete, a voracious reader, a superb vegan chef, to name a few things. She ate organic food and lived a healthy, active lifestyle. And you should have heard her laugh–full hearted, open, it always made me smile. 
And like so many mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and sisters, she is gone. Lost to breast cancer. We mourn, look for answers, but there are none.

We all ask, as they do in the video, why?

Why are so many women getting breast cancer? 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed at some point in their lives. So many lives short changed, so many of us devastated.  We are given clues all the time. We hear about certain chemicals causing cancer, ones that contaminate our food, our products, our air, water, and our bodies.  We see studies regularly linking BPA, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, flame retardants, pesticides, and other chemicals to cancer.

While supporting people once they have cancer, and finding a cure is urgently important, why aren’t more people asking, why are so many women getting cancer to begin with? What can we do to prevent cancer from starting?

This is the work of the Breast Cancer Fund. They are working to eliminate toxic exposures in our lives that are increasing rates of breast cancer in our own communities.  I wholeheartedly support their work and invite you to join me.

This month the Breast Cancer Fund is focused on sharing about prevention– and spreading that message far and wide. You can find tips for reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation, and many inspiring videos and lots of well sourced information on their site. 

I don’t want to see another cancer causing product with a pink ribbon on it. These are “pinkwashed”– making you think they are supporting anti-cancer efforts while selling products that are directly linked to cancer. These are offensive to me. Many companies don’t think women will notice. They insult our intelligence and provide a bait and switch to get us to think they are doing good in the world. We know better.

Like this BPA lined can of soup, with a pink top on it to support the fight against breast cancer. If you think this is hypocrisy to the highest degree, please share it on Facebook and tell General Mills (parent company of Progresso) to really care about breast cancer and women, to stop selling toxic products in America’s supermarkets.

Please join me in support the Breast Cancer Fund’s work and spread the word to your family, friends, and co-workers about what we an do to prevent this evil disease before it starts.

How has breast cancer touched your life?

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