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New! Please email me to learn about new blog investor opportunities at Non-Toxic Kids! (non-toxic-kids at comcast dot net).

In order to sustain this blog, on this site you will see sponsor ads, BlogAds from time to time, and some affiliate ads on the homepage and the shop page. I take care in selecting only companies I believe are safe and green. 

I also have a small number of monthly sponsors, and ads available through BlogAds (where I am able to preview incoming ads). If you see an offensive ad, or one that does not fit within the spirit of Non-Toxic Kids, please send me an email at non-toxic-kids(at)comcast(dot)net.

Companies can email me to see if I am interested in doing a product review on the site. If I am interested (and I think readers will be) I have them send me a sample to review. I do keep the sample (or give it away), but I am under no obligation to write a review. Many times I have chosen to not write a review. My posts are based on my own experience and research and I receive no compensation from any company that makes or sells these products, music or books. I follow the new FTC rules by indicating when I receive a review product. I never write paid posts, and I only review products I have had direct experience with, and believe to be safe and green. In support of this, I signed the Blog with Integrity pledge, and have posted the badge here on Non-Toxic Kids.

Non-Toxic Kids is a growing blog, with more and more readers and subscribers everyday. With over 5,000 fans on Facebook, over 5,000 followers on Twitter, and 50,000 monthly visitors, Non-Toxic Kids reaches a community of educated, active, and intelligent readers (if I do say so myself). Please email me for more current stats.

If you are an environmentally responsible business that sells quality, safe and healthy products for kids and families, you might want to consider becoming a monthly sponsor of Non-Toxic Kids. You can spread the word about your business to Non-Toxic Kids readers through graphic link ads on this site. Email us at non-toxic-kids(at)comcast(dot)net for more information.

You can also place ads in our premium top spot in the right column through BlogAds. Please click on the Advertise on Non-Toxic Kids link in the left column for rates and many different ad formats.

Also, if you have a safe, green and healthy product you would like us to review (keep in mind it will be a full independent, objective review) please contact us. We charge a reviewing and/or giveaway fee for an independent review or giveaway campaign. Please email us for details. 

Thanks for reading!

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