Happy Halloween and Scary Couches!

Halloween, dear readers!  I wish you all a safe and happy night with your little creatures, fairies, monsters, ghosts and goblins. Here’s something very scary! It is a guest post from Arlene Bloom about toxic flame retardants.

Why is the couch made of skulls?

a. Skulls are the newest fashion.

b. The couch foam contains toxic flame retardants

c. The retardants burn in seconds and give off toxic gases

What can we do to make the world a less scary place?

a. Be sure to vote and encourage your friends to vote too

b. Support California’s change in regulations to both prevent fires and eliminate toxics

c. Learn about Proposition 30 for our schools and environment

What has dangerously high levels of flame retardants?

a. California children and Illinois children

b. Cats and dogs

c. Killer whales and birds of prey

What can these chemicals cause?

a. Cancer

b. Lowered IQ

c. Testicular atrophy

Why do we add flame retardants to our furniture?

a. To alter our DNA

b. To reduce our fertility and the world’s population

c. To make a profit for three companies (Albermarle, Chemtura, ICL)

What can we to protect our health?

a. Vacuum, mop, and wash our hands to reduce exposure 

b. Throw out our furniture and sit on the floor.

c . Go to www.GreenSciencePolicy.org to learn more

Happy Halloween and best regards,

PS. All answers above are correct.

Arlene Blum

Executive Director, Green Science Policy Institute

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