Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons: Book Review

Bring nature into your home with full color, interesting and super vivid images and lively, educational text with the new book Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons.

You just have to love the picture of the gray tree frog on the cover, so intricate in detail, larger than life, and absolutely endearing. Each image in this book will blow you away with the animal’s color, natural pose, gorgeous design, and unique beauty. 

Then there is the text!  The author takes the voice of each animal, in very kid-like accessible text. Readers will learn a few tidbits about the animal’s habitat, adaptations, and predators.  The tone is conversational, humorous, and immediately likable. Nothing like any boring textbook or other dry non-fiction.

My daughters loved this book, especially when I used different voices for each animal.  

Special sections include life sized silhouettes so children know how large each animal is in real life, a short natural history of each animal for further exploration, and a glossary of terms. All very helpful, indeed!

This book makes a perfect gift for the holidays for any child, but specifically for a child that loves animals, or nature (ahem– most kids!). It will foster a deep appreciation for the biodiversity of our planet and inspire kids to learn more about curious critters and the nature to which they belong. Thanks to David for this beautiful book to share with children.

** FCC rules: This book was sent to me as a review copy. My opinions are my own and are based solely on my experience. I am also an Amazon affiliate, so if you buy a copy from this link a few pennies will come to Non-Toxic Kids to support the writing and activism on this site. 

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