Holiday Gifts for the Family from MightyNest

(Here is a gift guide from the great folks over at MightyNest, where they feature safer and greener products for families.)

It’s that time of year! Parents are making their lists and checking them twice with gifts that are not only fun, stylish and well-constructed but SAFE for their loved ones.

Enter, an online store and learning center that makes it quick and easy for parents to find safe, nontoxic products that create a healthier home for their families.

Sparked by the birth of their first child, Kristen and Chris Conn founded MightyNest after spending countless hours and sleepless nights researching products that would be safe for their family. Realizing the information was very difficult to find, it became their mission to share these findings and alleviate the time commitment and frustration for fellow parents.
In addition to tips and advice, MightyNest features the broadest selection of safe products for families. Each item is selected through a meticulous process to ensure items are FREE of toxins and heavy metals like BPA and Lead and to minimize exposure to plastics. Instead, MightyNest’s products are made from natural materials such as organic cotton, stainless steel, glass and natural wood with water-based paints. Kristen and Chris go the extra mile by not only researching the materials but also interviewing each manufacturer and giving products a test-run in their own home. 
For the holidays, we suggest a selection of safe, non-toxic gifts for babies, toddlers, kids and adults that offer peace of mind this season. Each handpicked item is listed below with direct links. 
PS- I write for MightyNest, on the blog on their site.  I was not paid to post this gift guide (I never do paid advertising type posts).  I posted it because I support MightyNest’s mission to supply safer, non-toxic, and green products, and I liked how it is broken up into age groups for easier selections.  


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