New Post on Eco-Child’s Play: New Food Safety Plan Not Enough

Whew! We made it on our 11 hour journey back to Vermont last night. I am washed up and tired, glad to be back where there are no billboards or much traffic. Yesterday, I was sad when I ran out of packed food, and we bought pizza and a ‘panini’ (a glorified quesadilla for $5.99). They were served on styrofoam plates! Ugh. One can only try his or her best.

Last week I wrote a post about the new food safety bill, HR 2749, for Eco-Child’s Play. I am learning about this bill, and agree with the Organic Consumer’s Association, that it should address the unethical, unsustainable and unhealthy problem of factory farming.

I’m off again for a few days, but stay tuned. I’ve got a slew of music, clothing and book reviews (and the usual green news, commentary and activism opportunities) coming your way this month and next.

And please oh please, let it stop raining in Vermont!

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