Green Parenting Links (eco-baby gifts, CFL recycling, and natural child birth)–

Looking for gifts for a baby shower, or new environmentally responsible toys and clothing for your kids? Now that I’ve been writing this blog for quite awhile, I’ve amassed many reviews and links to good choices for greener toys, clothes and gear for kids.

Check out some of my reviews and picks here for eco-gifts and toys. The Today show Green Day column shares some picks as well, and I have to agree with them. Me love Under the Nile and Plan Toys as well (oh, and the kids do, too–).

Happy news from a major corporation! A long while ago I wrote about the problem of mercury in those nifty energy saving CFL bulbs we are all buying. Seems there are lots of folks throwing them away and not knowing they need to be recycled to prevent more mercury in our environment. Julie at Moms Speak Up shares that Home Depot will now offer nationwide CFL recycling. I usually try to avoid the mega box retailers but sometimes a trip is unavoidable (like when you are in the middle of a huge renovation!). And for most Americans, there is a Home Depot somewhere nearby. So hopefully, folks can hang on to these bulbs until life takes them to the Depot.

Last week at Eco-Child’s Play the writing team all posted birth stories (including our most recent!) with a focus on natural birth and having the least interventions as possible for the health and safety of mom and baby. Jennifer, the site’s founder and lead author also shares some great books for expectant moms in this regard. In addition, I would like to add Birthing from Within to her list of picks to prepare for birthing.

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