The Environmental Working Group Takes On Triclosan-

Remember a few months back when I first learned about Tricolsan? It is that toxin that shows up in all the ‘antibacterial’ products that have been exploding on the market lately. You’d be amazed about all of the products that tricolsan is in. It’s everywhere.

I found it in my toothpaste. Yep, I’d been putting a persistent, toxic pesticide right in my mouth.

So I was very interested when the heroic folks over at the Environmental Working Group released a new report on the troublesome chemical, including a printable guide for consumers, a guide to where it is found in the home, and recommendations for the EPA and the our leaders for action to take to protect families.

Triclosan is not safe for children or the environment. According to the Environmental Working Group,

‘Lab studies link triclosan to cancer, developmental defects, and liver and inhalation toxicity. A secret study by Colgate scientists revealed exposure to low levels of triclosan caused liver tumors in mice (See 1996). Colgate refuses to release this study to EPA for evaluation, though it provided it to FDA in order to ensure it could add triclosan to toothpaste and other oral care products. Based on the study summary alone, and using a controversial assumption about the way this type of liver tumor forms in mice, EPA classified triclosan as “not likely to be carcinogenic to humans” (EPA 2008). This decision flows in part from EPA’s lack of regulatory authority to demand release of Colgate’s findings, a clear indication of the need for reform of the U.S. system of chemical health protections.’

And the Environmental Working Group also shows us that the antibacterial properties of Triclosan are not any better then plain old soap.

So, now it is time to get serious. Avoid this toxin in your products and house as much as you can. Check out the resources linked here. As much as I like my fresh (although apparently chemically laden) mouth, I’ll be avoiding Triclosan as much as possible. I’m outraged that my children have already been exposed to this through breastmilk and who knows what else.

And let’s be on the lookout for how we can help nudge the EPA and Congress to take action about Triclosan.

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