A Truly Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift (Changing the Present)-


If you are racking your brain for what you get your mother, thinking she doesn’t need any toxic laced bath sets, any pesticide laden flowers, or another piece of jewelry, you might be interested in a website called Changing the Present.

This incredible non-profit is “changing the world, one gift at a time.” They offer gifts of services, products, donations in a variety of categories including basic needs, community, health and safety, and opportunity.

For Mother’s Day, you can help train a midwife, for $25, and help stop the more than 500,000 woman who die each year because they did not have access to proper prenatal care. Or you can Educate a Girl, Feed a Family, or Ensure Safe Labor (by delivering two safe birthing kits to refugee women.) These gracious acts move beyond our consumerist world to spread love and care where it is needed and can make a difference. Visit the site for more creative and meaningful gift ideas for your mom.

And don’t stop there. If you need to buy presents for graduating seniors, fathers, or couples getting married, they have ideas for ways to give that are tailored to each event. You can find some cause that supports the interests and passions for those you are buying for.

There are ways to get involved beyond buying gifts, too.

You can also help to promote this charitable giving on your site or blog. On the site you will find links to banners and text box links you can put on your site to help spread the important mission of Changing the Present.

Sorry, mom, I didn’t mean to spoil the surprise!

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