(Edited version originally posted at Moms Clean Air Force) This is difficult time for
I remember how nervous I was when I had my first daughter. I worried
photo by FMSC on Flickr under CC According to a 2014 study by Feeding America, 46.5
photo by a.koto on Flickr under CC We at Non-Toxic Kids are troubled by
We love that Costco pays its workers a more livable wage. We also love
You know how you have to go slow before you can go fast? Well–
BPA is so 2008, right? Not so fast. Remember the big hub-bub led by
BPA free! It must be safe! Not so fast— A new study out this
You know the lining that keeps food packaging from taking on grease from food?
We here at Non-Toxic Kids hope you had a restful and happy Thanksgiving. The