Let them have recess (even this winter!)

(It may be spring where you live, but not here. This post was inspired by this article in the Washington Post and my many friends who have had school and recess cancelled regularly this winter when the temperatures have been below 20 degrees.) The wind stings my face. I squint to look out on many of […]

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Ashley Furniture to Phase Out Toxic Flame Retardants from Furniture (update)

In the last few years awareness about the toxicity in flame retardant chemicals in furniture has grown tremendously. Public health advocates, organizations, doctors, environmentalists and journalists have been sounding the alarm that the chemicals added to furniture are far more harmful than the flame they might extinguish– and that there are much safer alternatives. This groundbreaking […]

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Zum Zum Bikes (great project and affordable toddler bike!)

I love how Kickstarter can give voice to real people with interesting and helpful projects so it’s not just major corporations we can choose to support. I was contacted by the folks at Zum Zum bikes, and they have created a beautiful, functional, and light weight bike for even the youngest riders! ZumZum is a […]

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Kidscounter: Safe, Non-Toxic, Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash

Do you really know what is in your child’s shampoo or conditioner? Probably not. That is because most products from major companies and corporations don’t have to disclose all the ingredients in their products. Sometimes, chemicals are the byproducts of other ingredients.  And many of these ingredients can be harmful to human health. Yes, something […]

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Interview with Beth Terry, Author of How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too

(First posted at Earth911.) Meet Beth Terry, the brains behind the blog My Plastic Free Life.  Inspired by a dramatic photo of a dead sea bird whose insides were riddled with plastic, Terry was spurred into action to eliminate her personal plastic use. My Plastic Free Life is an often funny and always inspiring blog where […]

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Happy holidays! (plus new resources and healthier products from BeautyCounter)

It has been another great year here at Non-Toxic Kids. As you know I have been advocating for a toxin-free environment for kids since the birth of my second daughter 7 years ago. I have written extensively for the need to reform our outdated and dysfunctional toxics laws and have been active on the issue […]

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